Welcome to Five Spoons we are here to help. As an avid cook and adventurous eater I'm always hungry for new recipes, testing the strength of my bookshelves with an ever-growing collection of cookbooks. To help sort out the best of the best from all the rest I created Five Spoons: a small family of products to help home cooks and foodies keep track of their best recipes using a simple and fun one to five spoon rating system, the first of its kind. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our growing collection of Five Spoon recipes and consider submitting your favorite to share with our readers.

Are you a kitchen store, boutique foods store catering to home chefs, bookstore, or gift shop? Five Spoons products are fantastic stand-alone gifts for any home cook and instantly upgrade any cookbook, gadget, or food purchase from good to great. If you are interested in carrying Five Spoons products in your store, please tell us more about your business by completing this online form.

Currently Five Spoons offers two products. Adhesive Recipe Stickers and the Cookbook Companion Kit. Made of red translucent adhesive vinyl, Five Spoons recipe stickers fit even the tightest margins of your traditional cooking tomes without obscuring vital preparation instructions. Measuring 1 inch in diameter and cut with a fun spoon motif, these labels stand out on cookbook pages, recipe cards, full-color magazine spreads, computer print-outs, and photocopied recipes as well. The Five Spoons Cookbook Companion Kit includes one set of adhesive recipe stickers, an easy-clean acrylic bookmark and two sets of handy page flags for jotting down notes on those small adjustments to your favorite recipes.